About Me

What defines who I am?  I would say three things: God, family, and learning. I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with my husband, three children and two dogs. My interests include reading (almost anything, but especially historical fiction), photography, and soccer – or ‘futbol’ as it is known in my home country of England.

I love teaching 6th graders at Calvary Christian Academy in Northeast Philadelphia. I have been teaching at CCA for over 20 years and find great joy in seeing those “lightbulb moments” in my students when they discover something new.

As I think back over my journey in the world of education, I reflect back to a time just 20 years ago when I taught in a classroom with just one computer.  The primary purpose of that computer was to send and receive faculty and parent emails.  Today our school has interactive whiteboards in almost every classroom, both a high school and elementary computer lab, and most recently, three portable laptop carts.

I have always been fascinated by the uses of technology in education and am looking forward to exploring ways to integrate technology into my own classroom.  In this vein, I am pursuing my Master’s degree in Educational Technology at Boise State University.  I am excited to see where this journey takes me…