Multimedia in the Classroom

For this project, I created a vodcast on the benefits and uses of multimedia, specifically video, in the classroom.  When used thoughtfully, video can add to creativity and student interest and engagement.


4 thoughts on “Multimedia in the Classroom

  1. Hi Joanna,
    I agree with you that sometimes traditional teaching methods might not work for some lessons or concepts. Multimedia can be one possible solution. I think there is something to be said about using tools that the students are used to. When students are out of school, they are immersed in technology and multimedia – they’re naturals. I think when we bring those familiar tools into the classroom, the students easily connect with them (if designed well). I also like that you mentioned research. When I’m talking to some people about multimedia, and they are skeptical, it’s helpful to point them to some valid research that supports its use. It’s also great for bringing the world into the classroom. A few of our peers in this class mentioned this point and I think it’s a great benefit of multimedia. You bring up a good point about allowing students to use classroom multimedia at home. These video blogs are a good example of that. You break the backwards design process down in a very understandable way – identify results, determine assessment, and plan instruction. Nice job on the video!


  2. Nice job on this video. Your video was a nice length, I didn’t lose interest watching. I appreciate the fact that you talked about the backward design process. It is always important to keep this in mind when planning lessons. You mentioned students experiencing the world outside of their own classrooms, as a German teacher, this is my favorite part of using videos in my class. Videos paint a much better picture of things than I usually can. Good work!


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