School Evaluation Summary

This week I evaluated my school’s implementation and integration of technology using the Technology Maturity Benchmarks Rubric as a guide. By reviewing the National Technology Plan, I was effectively able to compare my school’s plan to the national standard. The summary is divided into five sections: administrative filter, curricular filter, support filter, connectivity filter, and innovation filter. Those sections are then divided into subsections based on the behavioral and resource/infrastructure of the school.  Each subsection is rated on a scale ranging from emergent, islands, integrated, to intelligent. Based on my evaluation, the school is moving from the Islands stage to the Integrated stage of technology integration and implementation.

In many areas, I was surprised at the current levels of technology integrated into our school. I believe the school’s administration has a strong vision for the use of technology however, lack of support and infrastructure hinder the school from reaching their goals. One item that I feel is absolutely necessary to move to the intelligent stage of development is the formation of a technology implementation and planning committee that would include teachers, administration, and members of the IT department.  The hiring of a full time educational technology consultant would be ideal but I do not believe it is currently in the school budget for such hiring.

Please see attached documents for the School Evaluation Summary and Maturity Benchmarks Survey.





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